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GRN Alive

GRN Alive - Thursday, April 24th
Please join us for the GRN Alive program Thursday morning, beginning at 8am central, 9 Eastern. Father Ron Ramson joins us to talk about this Sunday's Canonizations and the process of a person becoming a saint. Dr Chris Malloy will explain the Churches teaching on Heaven and Dr Taylor Marshall tells us how we can become saints ourselves. It's this Thursday's GRN Alive on the Guadalupe Radio Network.
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North Texas

The Good News for April 28th
The next Good News show on KATH 910AM will be on Monday, April 28th from 12-1pm across Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas.   Joining us in the studio, will be Fr. Ronald Ransom of Holy Trinity Seminary to discuss the double Canonization ceremony of Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II which will be held at the Vatican on Divine Mercy Sunday.   We’ll talk to several people from the local area who’ve made the pilgrimage to Rome for this historic ceremony.  Plus, we’l...
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Washington DC

Easter Monday on Building the Kingdom
On Easter Monday, April 21st as we continue to rejoice in Christ The King’s Glorious Resurrection, Building The Kingdom will welcome Steve Hemler, founding president of the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America and author of the forthcoming book entitled The Reality of God: Scientific and Human Evidence of God’s Existence, which is being published by St. Benedict Press. Steve will discuss how CAINA is supporting the New Evangelization with a new Apologetics.  We will also hear fr...
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Simplicidad y complejidad – Vida leteraria de G.K.Chesterton
En el libro recientemente publicado en castellano con el título Por qué soy católico, se recogen varias obras de Chestertonposteriores a su conversión al catolicismo en 1922. Ya he puesto reseñas de las tres más importantes: La Iglesia Católica y la conversión; The Thing o Por qué soy católico; y El pozo y los charcos,en este caso con el título El manantial y la ciénaga. Además, en esta edición se incluyen otros textos que también fueron esc...
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South Texas

Rise and Walk on Easter Monday
Be sure to catch Rise and Walk on Monday, April 21st as I interview Darlene Jimenez and Fr. James Marshall, associate pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in downtown San Antonio about several wonderful events coming to South Texas to include the return of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a Retreat/Pilgrimage to Mt. Cristo Rey in El Paso.  I’ll also get an update from Michael Castellano regarding the upcoming Divine Mercy Weekend Celebration with F...
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One Year Down!
Can you believe that it has already been one year since KSHJ 1430 AM went live back on March 12th of last year?  Incredible!  We have come a long way but, still have much to do!  I would like to highlight some incredible sponsors of Catholic radio in Houston. Please, do me a favor and let them know how much YOU appreciate their support for this apostolate.Joseph J Earthman Generations and Funerals - http://generationsfunerals.com/TRW Modernfold - http://www.trwfamil...
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West Texas

Queridos radioescuchas
Queridos radioescuchas:  Come ya has escuchado, esta semana del 22 al 25 de Abril, tendremos nuestro Radiotón de la primavera.Estaremos hablando sobre el Santo Papa Juan Pablo II, la Divina Misericordia y también como usted puede hacer una gran diferencia en las vidas de mucha gente con sus oraciones y donaciones para esta su Radiofusora Católica.Gracias porque usted lo hace posible para transmitir lo mejor de nuestra fe Católica y para ayudar a mucha gente a fortalecer su fe.  Muchas ...
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