CMF CURO is the Catholic Healthcare Ministry which provides:

  • an established healthcare program
  • spiritual growth opportunities within Catholic community, and
  • unique wellness programs and health tools.

As an alternative to insurance, it is half the cost of many insurances.

YOUR HEALTH: partnered with Samaritan Ministries International (SMI), CMF CURO offers Catholic health care through SMI’s health sharing model. CMF CURO and SMI members share medical needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. CMF CURO also offers wellness challenges, health tools, and unique resources that promote total health and wellness.

YOUR FAITH: one central focus of the CMF CURO ministry is to empower Catholic community through improving the spiritual life of members. Through spiritual retreats, podcasts, weekly Friday Fasts, unique Catholic resources, and other spiritual benefits, CMF CURO seeks to cultivate health of the soul and enrich the prayer life of members and the community.

YOUR RIGHTS: CMC CURO and the Christ Medicus Foundation are dedicated to promoting and protecting conscience rights in health care and religious freedom in Washington D.C. and elsewhere. Our team works to educate on fair health care policies and legislation that uphold your rights and the culture of life. Your support and membership in CMF CURO are vital to this important work.

CMF CURO, it’s My Catholic Health Care!