On Saturday, March 11, the Catholic Diocese of Arlington will hold a Women’s Meeting at Saint Joseph’s Catholic in Herndon. More than 700 women are expected to attend, and there is a waiting list.

The theme of the conference is, Breaking Free Through Forgiveness. “When we insist on holding on to past hurts and sorrows, we are never free… Freedom comes when we acknowledge the wrong and let go of the hatred,” says Thérèse Bermpohl, Director of the Office for Family Life which is a co-sponsor of the event.

Author and Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, Immaculée Illibagiza is the featured speaker. Bermpohl says Illibagiza’s message of forgiveness is timely in a world deeply in need of charity and healing. “She reminds us that hatred and violence can only be wiped out through forgiveness and love,” says Bermpohl.

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