The Guadalupe Radio Network LogoWe believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe, who once brought 8 million people into the living streams of Catholicism, can once again bring light into our present darkness!

La Promesa Foundation is a non-profit organization established in May 1996 by a group of lay Catholics. The Foundation chose the name ‘La Promesa’ because in the beginning, the Incorporators made a ‘promise’ in our mission statement, requesting the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Promise

In a covenant of love to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Lady of Guadalupe we committed ourselves to:

  • Protect the sanctity of life from conception until natural death.
  • Carry out the mission of evangelization as called for by Baptism.
  • To help build strong holy families.
  • To promote holy vocations.

Starting with absolutely nothing we placed our trust in the Lord and our Blessed Mother. By August of 1996 we were breaking ground for the construction of the Guadalupe Resource Center where our ministry has flourished. We provide at no charge, a large bilingual library of materials for promoting the Truths of the Catholic Faith.

In 1998 our beloved Pope John Paul II said, “I wish to reflect on the laity in the Church’s life and mission. The new evangelization that can make the twenty-first century a springtime of the Gospel is a task for the entire People of God, but will depend in a decisive way on the lay faithful being fully aware of their baptismal vocation and their responsibility for bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to their culture and society.” This plea came with such fatherly love, that we found ourselves asking, how could we do greater efforts of evangelization than the Catholic Resource Center?

It was about this same time that Mother Angelica of Eternal Word Television Network caught our attention by her response to the Holy Father’s invitation to the laity. She challenged her viewers, with a very generous proposal. With resounding certitude Mother would shake her finger into the television camera and say, “If you, the laity, will buy a radio station, I will give you the programming free.”

With the inspiration from these two Holy Giants, La Promesa Foundation continued in “Keeping the Promise” through the development of Guadalupe Radio Network.

  • 1999 we began Project Millennium. The goal was to bring Catholic Radio to West Texas for our Lord’s Jubilee Year 2000. We bought our first radio station KJBC 1150 AM in Midland/Odessa on July 19, 2000.
  • 2003 we purchased seven stations across Texas and New Mexico. In some of these small markets the only radio station there is a GRN Catholic radio station.
  • 2004 we grew to nine stations with the addition of KBMD 88.5 FM in the Marble Falls/Austin area.
  • 2006 Guadalupe Radio Network went into the 5th largest radio market in the US with two stations in Dallas-Fort Worth. On October 1st, KATH 910 AM went on the air in English and KJON 850 AM with Spanish Catholic radio programming. Both stations reach a population of more than 5,000,000 people.
  • 2006 we purchased, KWMF 1380 AM in San Antonio and Spanish Catholic Radio went on the air in November.
  • 2007 we built KJMA 89.7 FM for San Antonio and South Texas. It is the largest Catholic FM radio station in the US at 100,000 watts of power.
  • 2008 we acquired KVDG 90.9 FM as a second station in West Texas that airs Spanish Catholic programming.
  • 2010 we expanded into the Washington DC Metropolitan area with WMET 1160 AM reaching 5,000,000 people sunrise to sunset with a 50,000 watt AM station.
  • 2012 Guadalupe Radio Network added new stations in
    • Fredericksburg, TX – 91.1 FM KIVM
    • Uvalde, TX – 1400 AM KGWU
    • Abilene TX – 91.7 FM KQOS
    • Kermit, TX – 90.9 FM in Spanish
  • 2013 –Brought Catholic radio into Houston, the 5th rated radio market in the US. 1430 AM KSHJ. The call letters are for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the station reaches over 5,000,000 people with it 5,000 watts of power.2013 – In July our 20th station went on the air in San Angelo, TX – 91.5 FM KPDE
  • 2014 – the 21st station in the Guadalupe Radio Network went on the air with KPDE 91.5 FM covering San Angelo, TX.
    • WQOH 1480 AM, Birmingham, AL,
    • W245CB 96.9, Tallahassee, FL
    • WDWR 1230 AM, Pensacola, FL
    • W277CC 103.3 FM, Pensacola, FL
    • WYBT  1000 AM, Blountstown, FL
    • WPHK 102.7 FM, Blountstown, FL
    • WJUV 88.3 FM, Cullman, AL
    • WQOH 88.7 FM, Springville, AL
    • WDLG 90.1 FM, Grove Hill, AL
    • W224CK 92.7 FM, Vestavia Hills, AL
    • W262AR 100.3 FM, Brewton, AL – Destin, FL2016 – the GRN added 11 new stations in Alabama and Florida

The GRN now operates 32 radio stations reaches a population of 20,000,000 potential listeners. We are the only Catholic radio organization establishing Catholic radio stations in both English and Spanish in the same markets. We operate solely through the generosity of our listeners following the model of Eternal Word Television Network.

We are here to serve the Church and we endeavor to lead souls back to Jesus Christ through His holy Catholic Church, through the use of the powerful medium of radio.

La Promesa Foundation’s Board of Directors

  • Leonard J Oswald, President
  • Mary M Diaz, Vice President
  • Toya E Hall, Vice President
  • Janice Gist, Secretary
  • Mark Stoltz
  • Msgr. James Bridges