Join me, Richard Reyna, on “Rise on Walk” on February 13th. With the Catholic Men’s Conference coming soon I’ll be speaking with one of the great speakers of the event. Robert Rogers, who will also be one of the speakers at the Catholic Men’s Fellowship in Austin, will be sharing a little about his story that I’m sure will BLOW YOU AWAY. Tune in to hear how the grace of God has helped him through some amazingly difficult times and how you too can learn how to be more responsive to His Grace. I’ll also be speaking with Chris Stravitsch of the St. John Paul II Foundation who will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Fullness of Truth Conference in Corpus Christi on the weekend of March 4th and 5th. Lastly, I’ll be sharing with you all about the upcoming Regina Caeli Academy’s Mardi Gras event as I speak with Jenna Cole, the Director of the Operations for our local Regina Caeli Academy. Sounds like quite a fun event so please mark your calendars for Friday, February 24th at the Family Center at St.Pius X Catholic Church. Be there.

Towards the end of the show I’ll also bring you a quote from St. Josemaria’s The Way.

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I've known my wife since the first grade. We've been married for 21 years. We have 4 munchkins, Maya 17, Ava Maria 13, Elijah Joaquin 7, and Stella Maris 3. We're passionate about our Catholic Faith. I've been with the GRN for over 9 years. We homeschool our kids.